h a n d j e w e l s

Pamela Love F/W '11
mix and match 
Pamela Love's hands via Meijisnee
can't get enough of hand chains! 
goth hands
<3 Spiky <3 Crystals <3 Dirty Silver
Monday night boredom = DIY nail art 


90's Vibe

I've been neglecting this whole blogging thing pretty heavily. I lost my internet two months ago, which makes this all extremely difficult, but that's beside the point really. 
I started assembling this post ages ago when I found a copy of No Doubt's Tragic Kingdom on cassette at the thrift store. Of course, I played it on repeat for days and probably annoyed everyone around me. Sorry guys. 

Ever since then I've been crushing on the 90's really hard. I wish I could go back in time only to redo the whole thing to be one of those mega wannabe 'alternative' chicks; the scandalous ones that would give boys bj's in the washroom in exchange for a joint. I wouldn't give a shit about algebra and spend fourth period scribbling angsty lyrics on my desk. I'd wear stripped socks, mis-matched nail polish, dye my hair every florescent colour available and maybe I'd even pierce my own ears with a safety pin....


Fringe + Clogs = Awesome

Fringe + Clogs

Fringe + Clogs by Shapes&Letters featuring black jewelry

I know everyone and their mom is jumping on the summer 2011, 70's love fest bandwagon. Long maxi skirts and high-waisted jeans are popping up left, right, and centre. Don't get me wrong I'm totally into this new length; I've fully embraced it myself. But, what I really love about the 70's is the emergence of DIY craft culture and the reversion to everything natural.  

I can't seem to get enough fringe and macramé in my life. I want everything to be fringed: pants, shorts, skirts, tops, bags, necklaces, you name it! The best part of this trend is that it's so easy to accomplish with stuff you already own. Just take a pair of scissors and go cut crazy on the edges of your garment and voila, instant update! Needless to say I'm really into this and what better way to pair your fringe than with some good 'ol wooden clogs. 


Weekend Getaway: Treehouse Edition

I’ve been on a quite a long hiatus from the blogging world. Moving and graduation will do that to you. It also doesn’t help that my internet provider is highly unreliable, but that’s a whole other issue. Point of the story is I’m back in full force! Hellllo internet, how I’ve missed you.

Last weekend my boyfriend and I celebrated my graduation with a mini vacation to the lovely Qualicum beach. We stayed in these “Spirit Spheres” i.e. wood balls suspended in trees, not gonna lie it was pretty amazing.
The Spirit Sphere
Thrift store goods from head to toe minus shoes from Front

Man vs. BBQ
Breakfast: veggie sausage with melted cheese, grilled veggies, guacamole, refried beans and of course loads of coffee.
Fallen log foot bridge 
En route to Qualicum river...we think, or the old growth forest. 
We made it (what a nerd)!
We had a really nice time away from the city for a few days. So if you've got some time kicking around in the near future I highly recommend going here. 

Fun fact: average age of a Qualicum resident is 67



 Images from the installation I built for local jewellery designer Amaly Narong's Fall/Winter 2011 preview @ Ayden gallery. 

The installation will be up for approximately the next week.
So if you're in the area, go check it out!
Jewellery will be available for purchase @ Oak + Fort in the near future. 

photos by: Kristina Shyr & Kathy Nguyen