Seeing Circles

vintage Armani reading glasses via iFound

I'm so obsessed with circular glasses right now and can't believe I found (no pun intended) these for $80 bucks! I can't wait to change the lenses and sport them with a little top knot!

Other lovely round glasses:
seeing circles

I've done the shopping for you! Here are some vintage glasses you should contemplate purchasing on Etsy: 

outofthepinksy $50

jessjamesjake $54
MODvintageshop $59


i work to shop

Stuff I bought at work this week: 

I really like my job, I mean all I do all day is take clothes from people. But, here's the problem I'm surrounded by one of a kind things all day and anyone who knows me knows I'm a shopaholic. It's so problematic! I'm never going to make any money, sigh. At least I've got cute clothes...


sunny school day

scarf & skirt via American Apparel, thrifted shirt, vintage Fox cardigan via Used, the sunday coat via Oak + Fort 
I looked out my window today and it was actually nice out! So I decided to get a little fancy and wear a skirt to school (among a sea of sweatpants it's a big deal). I also dyed my hair back to black and got me some blunt bags. It was time to switch things up and I love that feeling of disjunct when you first get a new hair cut! 

Today in my Italian cinema class we finished watching The Working Class Goes to Heaven, 1971. LuLu the main character is a hard working factory labourer preforming monotonous tasks to earn a meager wage to then ironically purchase the goods his factory is producing. There is a scene where the camera does a panoramic shot of his living room and it is filled with kitschy objects and things of no use.  What stuck with me was when the camera zoomed into his collection of alarm clocks and he asks himself why he needs four? 
A Life of Style
(I'm never going to be this organized, but one can try!) 
I started thinking about all the things I have in my apartment and although not as tacky (I would hope) I began to reevaluate the necessity of all these items. So I've decided to make a concerted effort to rid of things I don't need. This applies to my wardrobe too! Instead of 6 mediocre cardigans I'm going to start purchasing things that a) seamlessly work with the rest of my wardrobe and b) will last for more than a season. I'm also doing an overhaul and either donating or consigning a significant portion of my clothes. You should do it to! It's oddly satisfying to get rid of things you've been hanging onto for years because maybe 'you might use it someday'. 

lunch date

I've been super busy this past week so this post is actually a few days old. Sorrrry! Therefore, I'll keep this short & simple.
I went for breakfast/brunch/lunch (or whatever you want to call it) with one of my favorite ladies Jenn Perutka the other day. She's the one that convinced me I should start this blog thing. She also studies communications at SFU and is way better at this writing thing then I am. Anyhow, we went to The Acme Cafe to dish about our weeks and it was deeeeliscious as always!
What I ate: 
High-falutin' Grilled Cheese 
cheddar, swiss, brie, cranberry-Grand Marnier relish. Chiabatta panini grilled. 
(I highly recommend this!!) 
What Jenn ate: 
Chicken Club 
multi-grain or white bread, chicken, bacon, aged cheddar, tomato, arugula, sun-dried tomato mayo and grainy mustard. 
vintage dress via F as in Frank, thrifted scarf, denim vest, jacket, and backpack, drugstore tights, shoes via Front & Company