h a n d j e w e l s

Pamela Love F/W '11
mix and match 
Pamela Love's hands via Meijisnee
can't get enough of hand chains! 
goth hands
<3 Spiky <3 Crystals <3 Dirty Silver
Monday night boredom = DIY nail art 


90's Vibe

I've been neglecting this whole blogging thing pretty heavily. I lost my internet two months ago, which makes this all extremely difficult, but that's beside the point really. 
I started assembling this post ages ago when I found a copy of No Doubt's Tragic Kingdom on cassette at the thrift store. Of course, I played it on repeat for days and probably annoyed everyone around me. Sorry guys. 

Ever since then I've been crushing on the 90's really hard. I wish I could go back in time only to redo the whole thing to be one of those mega wannabe 'alternative' chicks; the scandalous ones that would give boys bj's in the washroom in exchange for a joint. I wouldn't give a shit about algebra and spend fourth period scribbling angsty lyrics on my desk. I'd wear stripped socks, mis-matched nail polish, dye my hair every florescent colour available and maybe I'd even pierce my own ears with a safety pin....